Jetpack in the News: AdMonsters

We’re pleased to be featured today by AdMonsters. Enjoy a preview of the post below:

Earlier this year, Will Spann was volunteered as a speaker on a panel I was leading about HTML5 creative and responsive site issues. We had chatted before, but as we prepped for the discussion and he described the Creative Lab at The Weather Company, I was blown away.

Publisher creative offerings have been high on my mind for the last few years, and the rise of the Weather Creative Lab its meager beginnings to central monetization role stood out as quite the achievement. At the time I said, we must do something bigger with this – we must tell more people! Fortunately, the stars have aligned for the August Publisher Forum in Charleston, SC – in a session titled, “Getting In Touch With Your Creative Side,” Will will not only describe the evolution of his scrappy group, but also offer advice and best practices for publishers building up their own programs or studios.

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