Impact across every screen

The Jetpack platform is a powerful rich media authoring and ad serving system giving publishers and agencies easy-to-use tools to create, deliver and track high-impact advertising across every screen.

Whether you’re a publisher wanting to drive incremental revenue from new executions without disrupting user experience, or an advertiser looking for unique ways to engage consumers and move the needle on brand metrics, Jetpack gives you the ability to create cross-platform rich media advertising experiences that simply aren’t possible with other providers.


Download Workshop Self-Service Overview

At the core of the Jetpack platform is the Workshop, where you can quickly and easily assemble dynamic display advertising units that break free from the confines of traditional banner advertising. Select from a robust set of templates to build high-impact units, such as our VideoWall, ActiveSkin, SuperHeader and Overlay, or choose from our line of native executions and mobile units that automatically adapt to any site.

Got something more creative in mind? Use our library of media and engagement modules to create a custom unit to meet your unique needs. Our extensive set of modules includes media (YouTube player, image gallery, etc.), social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feeds, etc.), animation (Jetpack Adobe Edge Animate, image sequences) and many other UI modules (buttons, forms, iframes, embeds, custom HTML, RSS feeds, etc.).

Whatever you build, you’ll do so with a high degree of ease, flexibility and creativity using our advanced self-service platform. The Jetpack interface is designed to serve creative professionals at all levels of technical skill, from account managers and designers to seasoned developers. And no matter what your level of skill, or what questions you may have, our expert support team is always here to help.

Ad Serving

The Jetpack platform is also a sophisticated rich media ad serving system that lets you manage all aspects of your rich media campaigns in one easy-to-use, central location. Generate tags for all your sites, including network and site-specific tags, as well as macro-enabled tags that allow publishers to track third-party impressions and clicks inside Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP), OpenX or any third-party ad server. Jetpack dynamically injects the custom units onto any site, hosts and serves all media, and provides tracking and reporting for all key metrics.


Measure the performance of your campaign with an extensive set of tracking and reporting features, including video quartile data, engagement, clicks, and much more. Jetpack gives you real-time access to a vast amount of raw tracking data, as well as predefined reports. The Jetpack Tracking API captures common ad life cycle events, as well as custom user-defined events. Jetpack's fully functional ad serving platform can be used in standalone or integrated mode. In integrated mode, it can generate tags that can be trafficked through your existing ad serving infrastructure, such as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). The platform also enables ad units to be dynamically adapted to any device with a single tag, so a Video Wall, for example, will behave differently on a web browser, a tablet and a smart phone.