Experience you can count on

Jetpack is a pioneering rich media advertising company dedicated to making it fast and easy for publishers and agencies to deliver extraordinary digital advertising experiences across every screen.

The Jetpack platform empowers publishers and advertisers to create and serve high-impact rich media ad formats at scale by unlocking new and highly engaging forms of display, mobile, native and video inventory.

Having worked together on the founding team of pop-culture site BUZZMEDIA (now Spin Media), Jetpack co-founders Marc Brown, Chris Tragos and Kevin Woolery experienced firsthand the need for publishers to find a faster and more efficient way to create and deliver non-standard ad formats. They also heard from their advertiser clients a consistent demand for “out of the box” solutions that went beyond banner ads. In 2009, the trio set out to build a platform that would empower both publishers and advertisers to easily create high-impact, custom ad placements and deliver them at scale.

At its core, Jetpack is a technology platform with robust features to create, serve and track dynamic, non-standard display advertising units. Known best for high-impact units like the VideoWall, SuperHeader and ActiveSkin, the Jetpack platform also enables designers to create a wide range of mobile, native and IAB Rising Stars executions. While the platform is designed for publishers and advertisers to create and manage their own campaigns, the Jetpack Studio offers a wide range of services for clients requiring additional creative and technical support.

For publishers and platforms, Jetpack delivers highly differentiated ad products to increase consumer engagement without disrupting user experience. In addition to the ease of creating a wide range of custom ad products, Jetpack seamlessly integrates into any publishing environment – no new code is required to deploy Jetpack units across one site or many. The result is higher performing campaigns and incremental revenue from a publisher’s existing traffic.

For agencies and designers, Jetpack provides a turnkey ability to create an extensive number of unique, high-impact rich media advertising executions. Using a mature library of media and engagement modules and easy-to-use authoring tools, Jetpack gives creative professionals the ability to quickly create highly engaging rich media advertising experiences for desktop and mobile devices.

Underlying its powerful technology and engaging rich media advertising products is a strong commitment to service. Jetpack partners closely with each client to ensure their success by providing the expertise and service necessary to meet any technical and creative challenge.